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12 Feb, 2018
Webinar: Kubernetes vs. AWS ECS vs. Docker Swarm vs. Serverless
Docker orchestration tools and serverless are getting a lot of hype — but what’s the best tool for your application, and how do you actually.
26 Jan, 2018
eBook: The Measurable Benefits of DevOps Automation
Download our eBook: DevOps on the AWS Cloud It is said that what cannot be measured cannot be managed. But how do you measure behavior.
3 Aug, 2017
Getting the “Ops” in DevOps Right: Logicworks on AWS
CTO Jason McKay was featured on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network blog today: Getting the Ops Half of DevOps Right: Automation and Self-Service Infrastructure..
20 Jul, 2017
Webinar: Fast, Secure Deployments with Docker on AWS
Running Docker on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an increasingly popular way to improve the velocity of code delivery. But understanding the right AWS and.
8 Dec, 2016
Automation in a Cloud DevOps World
Automation is the engine that powers effective cloud operations teams — but what does it really look like in practice? Recently, we sat down with.
30 Aug, 2016
DevOps in Action
Featured in Diginomica Now that DevOps has gone from fringe to hot, every tech resume seems to have the keyword. But that doesn’t make hiring.
13 Jul, 2016
Immutable Infrastructure in AWS: Q&A with Phil Christensen, DevOps Engineer
It is expensive, time-consuming, and often boring to fix a server. So why fix a server when you can just throw it away and build.
14 Jun, 2016
DevOps Engineer: #1 Hardest Job to Fill
DevOps engineers are notoriously difficult to find. If you needed further proof of this fact, a new study by Indeed.com has revealed that DevOps engineer.
1 Jun, 2016
The Future of AWS Cloud: Infrastructure as an Application
Infrastructure as Code has defined the last five years of systems engineering, and will likely define the next five. But as we became better and.
24 May, 2016
6 Reasons DevOps Automation Teams Need AWS CodeDeploy
“There should be two tasks for a human being to perform to deploy software… to pick the version and environment and to press the “deploy”.