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Getting the “Ops” in DevOps Right: Logicworks on AWS

CTO Jason McKay was featured on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network blog today: Getting the Ops Half of DevOps Right: Automation and Self-Service Infrastructure.

In this article, Jason discusses that while most companies are actively adopting DevOps, few have developed mature strategies for dealing with the build-out, delivery, and maintenance of infrastructure. Jason proposes an automated approach to infrastructure operations and AWS management that allows operations to move at the speed of software development.

If you’re already running on AWS, there is no better cloud service for building a mature infrastructure automation practice—it integrates with what your developers are doing to automate code deployment, and makes it easier for your company to launch and test new software,” McKay writes. “Many of the best practices of software development — continuous integration, versioning, automated testing — are now the best practices of systems engineers.”

Read more about Logicworks’ software-driven approach to cloud management on the AWS APN blog.