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Enable Reliability & Resilience

Take a software-driven approach to your cloud management

Shared Mission Through SRE

Logicworks takes a software-driven approach to cloud management. Site reliability engineering (SRE) principles drive our shared mission with our customers to operate scalable, resilient cloud environments. Cloud automation is at the core of our Cloud Reliability Platform, and provides the tooling to standardize configurations and enforce desired state, streamline deployment to enable CI/CD, and dashboards to measure and optimize.

Reduce Human Error

Increase Agility

Improve Transparency

Streamline Operations

“Logicworks’ expertise in AWS migration and ongoing operations to enable compliance, performance, and reliability is unmatched.”

Jeff Fields, CIO at SERVPRO

SRE Best Practices Enabled

We incorporate site reliability engineering best practices to help you focus on your applications and fuel innovation.


Templatized stacks and ability to generate repeatable environments allows your team to experiment with minimal risk and cost.  Automated policy enforcement and remediation provides guardrails to enable the team to move quickly and know that the platform is keeping the environment available and secure.

Frequency of Releases

Application performance monitoring, runbooks and endpoint monitoring give early warning of issues with the application and constant enforcement of desired state backed by our 24/7 engineering expertise frees your team up to iterate often.

CI/CD Pipeline Build & Management

Logicworks will work with your team to design an integrated code/infrastructure CI/CD pipeline optimized for your application and deployment methodology.

Blue-Green Deployments

Working with our team allows for customized deployment patterns to accommodate your application and your users’ needs. You know your acceptable level of risk, we’ll help your application environment conform to that.

Metrics & Measurement

Along with APM, the Logicworks Cloud Reliability Platform tracks and reports on key metrics for your environment such as agent coverage, data durability, sensitive data exposure risk, automated policy enforcement, automated remediations and others.