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FinOps Cost Management

INSIGHTS : 22 Feb, 2023

How to Operationalize FinOps Cost Management

All too often we hear companies talk about the need for FinOps to reduce costs or understand how to account for spikes in cloud spend..


INSIGHTS : 14 Jun, 2022

Use Auto Scaling to Support Growth, Resiliency, & Cost Savings

Auto Scaling has long been a major selling point of cloud computing. But like most popularized technology features, it has accumulated its fair share of.


AWS Data Loss Prevention

INSIGHTS : 30 Apr, 2019

[Webinar] Automating AWS with the Latest IaC Tools

If you’ve used AWS in the past, you know how simple it is to get started: provide some basic information, create your account, access that.


stock market graph

INSIGHTS : 6 Feb, 2018

Logicworks Launches Infrastructure-as-Code Platform Pulse to Deliver Security & Automated Best Practices

NEW YORK, Feb. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Logicworks, a leading cloud services provider specializing in complex compliant environments, today released Pulse, an Infrastructure-as-Code Platform.


Doctor in a white coat using a laptop

INSIGHTS : 22 Jan, 2018

HITRUST-Compliance AWS Support for Healthcare

What is HITRUST? Companies that interact with medical records, including doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and software providers, have to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability.


2 men and a woman at a desk looking at a screen monitor

INSIGHTS : 19 Oct, 2017

eBook: Why 70% of IT Leaders Want to Automate Compliance

Financial services and payment companies face rising compliance costs and a significant skills shortage in compliance. No wonder that IT leaders are eager to automate.


INSIGHTS : 8 Dec, 2016

Logicworks Named in 20 Promising AWS Solutions Providers

Recognition Acknowledges Logicworks’ Expertise in Cloud Automation and Managed Services CIO Review’s annual list showcases the 20 Most Promising AWS Cloud Solution Providers in 2016..



INSIGHTS : 14 Sep, 2016

Report: IT is Worried About Security and Cost of Cloud Automation

Enterprises want to automate cloud infrastructure in order to reduce the complexity of cloud maintenance – but are worried about the security and cost of.


INSIGHTS : 19 Jul, 2016

There is No Such Thing as Managed IaaS

The age of managed infrastructure is coming to an end. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) have spent the last decade developing platforms that eliminate.