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[Webinar] Automating AWS with the Latest IaC Tools

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If you’ve used AWS in the past, you know how simple it is to get started: provide some basic information, create your account, access that account, and before you know it, you’ll have your first cloud resource up and ready to serve content.

However, when our environments become more complex — for instance, when the component list starts to rise or there are compliance needs — it’s no longer possible to continue to build our resources manually. It becomes tedious, time-consuming, and far too prone to human error. We must be able to automate infrastructure build-out.  This is why infrastructure-as-code is so important.

In this short 10-minute webinar with Sr. Cloud Engineer Alex Ospina, you will learn how to use AWS CloudFormation to lay the foundation for modular, reusable AWS resources, build an infrastructure service catalog, and use dynamic programming languages to control templates at scale.

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