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Tooling to Power Your Cloud

Cloud native, ISV tools, and our proprietary operations systems integrated into our Cloud Reliability Platform

Modern Tooling for Cloud Operations

We leverage our background and deep expertise in AWS and Azure to identify gaps, anomalies, and opportunities to run the cloud more successfully – this includes cloud native, ISV, and custom tooling where needed to support the exponential innovation of both AWS and Azure.

Automate Manual Tasks

Improve Deployment Velocity

Enforce Security & Desired State

Measure Costs & Performance

“Logicworks automates many of the tasks that we would otherwise have to do manually, including taking snapshots, deploying code, patching, and monitoring. Working with Logicworks has been an extremely positive experience

Yanky Weiss, CTO at Cardknox

Cloud Reliability Platform Tooling

Logicworks has developed and integrated a number of cloud native and leading ISV tools to deliver a better operated cloud. Improve velocity, governance, and telemetry from day one, regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or integrating an existing cloud environment with our platform.


Platform components combine to dramatically accelerate operational success on the cloud; leverages standardization baked-in to accelerate time to production; significantly reduces manual work to innovate more securely.

Security & Governance

Proactively scans customers’ environments to validate configuration, security, and services preferences; configures data retention schedules; leverages AI/ML to detect the presence of high-risk data like personal information, credit card numbers, and healthcare information.

Transparency & Optimization

Time to resolution is only as fast as a company’s ability to identify an issue. Logicworks’ platform integrates cloud native and third-party ISV tooling to enable cloud operators to quickly identify the issue and begin remediation via a single pane of glass.