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Securely Scale & Protect

Your Cloud

Automation is our central methodology for reducing manual work, driving continuous deployment, and improving security

Software-Driven Cloud Management

The cloud does not come with out-of-the-box tools that build service-oriented teams. It does not come with a brain that orchestrates infrastructure. Our DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers build custom automation and orchestration solutions to meet your requirements to enable you to get to the cloud faster, transform your cloud operations, and improve performance.

Reduce Human Error

Increase Agility

Improve Site Reliability

Streamline Operations

“Logicworks designed an architecture that exceeded our requirements for performance and security and delivered fantastic Return-on-Investment.”

Govi Rau, CEO, Noveda

Cloud infrastructure should be both flexible and disposable. Our automation platform can bring up entire environments, configured for your security and compliance requirements, with little to no human intervention. This allows you to create the infrastructure that supports new lines of business in minutes and respond instantly to the failure of any part of the system.

Security Automation

We modernize security management systems with security automation, central logging, seamless threat analysis in deployment pipelines

Deployment Automation

Automate deployment cycles to reduce manual effort, streamline testing, and accelerate development

Configuration Management

Our custom scripts optimize your cloud architecture for rapid scaling, instant failover, and security automation

Site Reliability

We make changes to templates, not instances. This significantly reduces risk, decreases fix time, and centralizes change management