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Numerix, Leading Provider of Capital Markets Technology, Migrates to AWS with Logicworks

Numerix, the leading provider of capital markets technology, is one of the fastest growing global FinTech companies due to its ability to rapidly pivot its technology solutions to address changes in the financial services market. With over 20 offices, 700 clients, and over 100 partners across more than 26 countries, Numerix is now the global standard in derivative & structured note trading and risk management analytics and systems.

Numerix decided to offer its core software platform as a cloud-based SaaS solution, and chose AWS due to the maturity of its datacenter footprint in Asia, since their first SaaS customer was a large Singaporean bank. It chose Logicworks to help migrate and manage its AWS infrastructure due to the maturity of our security and compliance practice.


  • New line of business with many unknowns; needed a partner comfortable with complex, bespoke project
  • PCI-DSS and SOC2 requirements
  • Strong data sovereignty requirements, with regulators involved at every stage of the project
  • Lack of experience on AWS
  • Need for strong relationship where cloud partner was involved in three-way discussions with client


  • AWS Migration Service, including strategy, design, build, and automation of core infrastructure
  • Special focus on data sovereignty and compliance for financial data in Asian markets
  • Flexibility as the project changed over time; application was evolving during the migration process, and Logicworks was willing to adjust as Numerix changed
  • Migration completed in under 6 months
  • Due to the success of the project, Numerix engaged Logicworks for its AWS Managed Services, including 24×7 support, patching, backups, incident response, and cost management


As a result of working with Logicworks, Numerix is confident that their AWS environments meet multi-regulatory compliance standards and can accept future client projects. Logicworks takes care of the heavy lifting involved in maintaining runbooks, change management policies, and patching, while Numerix’s engineers can focus on client projects. Numerix is transparent about Logicworks’ role to its customers and uses Logicworks’ deep AWS expertise and compliance certifications to support its pitch to future customers.

“Logicworks is more than a vendor, they’re a true partner,” says Meyvin. “From the early sales cycle to our day-to-day conversations, I can sense good will — that they care about our business’s success. We’re glad we chose Logicworks.”

“I can’t think of a single thing that didn’t work well. There were a couple of tricky situations where we had to have three-way discussions with our client and Logicworks. During the call, Logicworks engineers were always knowledgeable and professional.”

– Benjamin Meyvin, Sr. VP, Global Head of Managed Services, Numerix

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