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K-12 Education SaaS Company Saves 60% on their AWS Bill by Leveraging Logicworks

LinkIt! provides mission-critical data warehousing and assessment software to school districts, content publishers, and test-prep organizations. During their first few years on AWS, they saw their AWS bills double and then double again, so they engaged Logicworks to optimize their AWS resources. Through a combination of eliminating waste, right-sizing, and utilizing new features and services, Logicworks cut down our AWS bill by over sixty percent.


  • Exponential growth in cloud spend over a multi-year period
  • Growth was causing strain on internal staff to keep up with AWS infrastructure management and cloud costs
  • Needed expert help to understand intricacies of cloud billing and Reserved Instances


  • AWS Well-Architected Review to assess cloud systems for cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence
  • Due to the success of the Review, LinkIt! retained Logicworks for ongoing AWS Managed Services, which includes 24x7x365 engineering support, patching, monitoring, and cost management


LinkIt! continues to enjoy annual revenue growth of 40-50%, data usage growth of 60-80% and only experiences low double-digit growth on their AWS bill. Given the company shows no signs of slowing down and anticipates the need for greater platform capabilities, having Logicworks monitor its cloud is more important than ever. Their CEO Karen Winter adds “The relationship with Logicworks allows our team to focus on exceeding customer expectations with the confidence that our infrastructure is running smoothly and efficiently.”

“While our team is quite savvy in terms of cloud technology, it’s also incredibly helpful to have an expert resource on hand. Logicworks helps us to evaluate new cloud capabilities, implement changes, and stay on top of ongoing administration and cost management.”

– Karen Winter, Chief Information Officer, LinkIt!

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