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Enterprise Backup Software Company Migrates to AWS with Immutable Infrastructure Design

An enterprise backup software company was building a new utility in its application, and decided to make the project an internal test case for immutable infrastructure design. Their development team wanted to terminate instances with outdated code, rather than update them, so that every code push is a rebuild of the entire stack. Logicworks helped them design, build, and automate an AWS enviornment that could integrate infrastructure-as-code into their CI/CD pipeline.


  • Internal team had lack of experience in DevOps on AWS
  • Desire to release their development team from the “ball and chain” of deploying development infrastructure
  • Custom deployment pipeline with 20+ parallel automated and manual tests, each in a separate development environment


  • Custom design and build of immutable infrastructure system
  • Integration of custom AWS CloudFormation templates and Puppet scripts with the company’s internal configuration management tooling and deployment script
  • When a new deployment occurs, new set of 20+ dev instances is created with most recent version of code; when test finishes, instances are terminated


As a result of AWS resources and Logicworks DevOps expertise, the backup software company created an immutable architecture with a 0.001% instance failure rate and 100% uptime for their production application, even during very rare AWS outages. Their developers deploy to their development environment with a single click, without any instance configuration tasks. At which point, they know that every testing and production environment is configured to their standard and has no residual impacts from previous failed or passed tests. This represents a 60% higher deployment efficiency over the company’s other projects in AWS. The success of this project demonstrated the tremendous power of disposable AWS resources, and as a result, AWS is the new standard infrastructure platform. The company plans to move an additional 6-12 projects into AWS in the next year.

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