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INSIGHTS : 16 Nov, 2018

Webinar: 7 Simple Tricks to Fix Your CloudOps Issues

63% of IT departments are understaffed and overworked. So what are some steps you can take to reduce repetitive, manual cloud operations work in AWS.


CIO Review logo

INSIGHTS : 3 May, 2016

The Biggest AWS Mistakes to Avoid

Featured in CIO Review Managing AWS environments is complex. After managing 200+ workloads in AWS, CTO Jason McKay talks about the most common mistakes enterprises.


INSIGHTS : 2 Dec, 2015

How to Keep Projects on Track in Turbulent DevOps Job Market

It is no secret that it is difficult to recruit and retain IT talent. Millennial disloyalty, boredom, stressful workplaces, and the ubiquitous advice that job-switching.


VentureBeat logo

INSIGHTS : 14 Nov, 2015

4 Questions to Ask Before Dockerizing Your Applications

Featured in VentureBeat If you have monolithic applications and want to improve application agility, how do you determine if Docker is the answer? Do the.


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INSIGHTS : 10 Sep, 2015

Docker Deployment Can Work Wonders for Test and Dev

Featured in TechTarget’s SearchAWS Test and dev environments are often one of the first test cases for AWS deployment, and may also be the most.


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INSIGHTS : 21 Aug, 2015

5 Real Ways to Approach Security Automation

Featured in InformationWeek’s Network Computing Manual work is a huge risk in enterprise computing. The new power of infrastructure-as-code gives enterprise IT teams the opportunity.


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INSIGHTS : 28 May, 2015

Is Your Cloud HIPAA Compliant? Get the Checklist

Healthcare organizations frequently turn to Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deploy and manage private, hybrid or public cloud solutions. MSPs play a crucial role.


INSIGHTS : 20 May, 2015

7 IAM Security Best Practices for HIPAA Compliance

In sophisticated enterprise AWS deployments, Amazon’s Identity Access Management (IAM) service controls access, enforces protections, and provides granular control over hundreds or even thousands of.


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INSIGHTS : 5 May, 2015

Managing Hybrid Clouds: What Team Do IT Leaders Need?

As most enterprise IT leaders know, transitioning IT staff to a cloud-based service delivery model is often more challenging than transitioning the infrastructure itself. A.


INSIGHTS : 24 Mar, 2015

How to Choose between Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Download our free eBook: Deciding on a Mix of Public and Private Clouds Most enterprise IT departments now manage applications across multiple environments in a.