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INSIGHTS : 19 Oct, 2015

How to Avoid Early Roadblocks with Cloud Automation

Nearly half of organizations meet major roadblocks after the initial stage of a digital project, according to a recent survey. These early failures are potentially.


Becker's Health IT and CIO Report logo

INSIGHTS : 17 Sep, 2015

Why Are Healthcare Data Breaches So Common?

Featured in Becker’s Hospital Review Over the last three years, the healthcare industry accounted for 42.5% of all data breaches. Why are breaches of health.


AWS Containers

INSIGHTS : 1 Jul, 2015

Why Enterprises Need Containers and Docker

At DockerCon 2015 last week, it was very clear that Docker is poised to transform enterprise IT. While it traditionally takes years for a software.


INSIGHTS : 7 May, 2015

Are Your Deployments Working? Simian Army on AWS

Can your infrastructure withstand the failure of an entire datacenter? How about three? Traditional IT is dedicated to perfecting and protecting critical infrastructure, and control.