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INSIGHTS : 30 Mar, 2016

AWS Simplifies Cloud Adoption with Database Migration Service

Last week, Amazon Web Services released the Database Migration Service, a tool that allows for the migration of databases to AWS without downtime. Yet again,.


INSIGHTS : 4 Feb, 2016

Company Culture is Key to Cloud Success

If you ask any successful company for the key to their success, or ask any employee why they are happy in a position, the answer.


INSIGHTS : 8 Dec, 2015

Your Cloud’s #1 Cybersecurity Risk: You

Your engineering team is one of your organization’s greatest assets. But it can also be your greatest liability. As most security experts know, the biggest.


INSIGHTS : 21 Aug, 2015

5 Real Ways to Approach Security Automation

Featured in InformationWeek’s Network Computing Manual work is a huge risk in enterprise computing. The new power of infrastructure-as-code gives enterprise IT teams the opportunity.


INSIGHTS : 21 Aug, 2015

Why Cloud MSPs Are Software Companies

When your infrastructure is code, the art of developing great software applications and building great infrastructure systems start to look similar. Many of the best.


INSIGHTS : 10 Jul, 2015

Security and Advanced Automation in the Enterprise

Complexity is a huge security risk for the enterprise. While security is always a top priority during the initial build phase of a cloud project,.


INSIGHTS : 17 Apr, 2015

Managed Cloud: You Need More than Great Customer Service

When start-ups and enterprises first evaluate cloud providers, they often choose an out of the box solution that fits their immediate needs. Their hosting provider.


User Experience AWS

INSIGHTS : 22 Jan, 2015

Improving the End User Experience with Amazon Web Services

This the final post of our series on DevOps. Check out Part 8: DevOps Automation. End user experience is a combination of several factors: the.