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Cloud Benefits – From “Total” to “True” Cost of Ownership: New on the AWS Smart Business Blog

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For small and medium businesses, cost shouldn’t be a significant barrier when evaluating the benefits of migrating to AWS. Using standard tools to help understand the Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO, of your cloud migration identifies the basics. However, to truly understand the value of cloud adoption, you need to dive a bit deeper.

Logicworks was featured on the AWS Smart Business Blog discussing the “true” cost of ownership. It covers a comprehensive view that goes beyond the TCO output. The true cost of ownership analyzes your business’ needs, plans to expand, and how your cloud environment can flexibly adapt in the future. Written by Logicworks’ Director of Alliances, Tom Leatherman, this post identifies the benefits of AWS, such as cost savings, and how we support long-term business objectives.


Read the full post here!

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