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Logicworks Product Updates

Logicworks Product Spotlight on Cloud Modernization

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In today’s job market, many companies struggle to attract and retain top IT talent. Competition for skilled engineers is increasing, salaries are escalating, and recruitment is more and more difficult. In this climate, the advantage of working with a partner like Logicworks has never been greater. As a result, we continue to invest in our talented team, drive platform innovation, and build on the extensive experience we have gained working with customers across a wide spectrum of industries and complex requirements

The recent launch of our Cloud Reliability Platform (CRP) expands and strengthens our foundation in helping customers enable greater security, resilience, and scale. The platform is a vast culmination of over two decades of learning, thousands of hours of software development, and the integration of dozens of different automation and Infrastructure-as-Code tools and microservices. As we move into 2022 our product development will continue to focus on enhancing our Cloud Reliability Platform and core suite of services to support customers wherever they are in the cloud adoption lifecycle. 

In this edition of our product spotlight, we will cover two services we offer to help customers accelerate cloud adoption and migration efforts. 

Application Modernization

Having a solid foundation of how to architect for long-term success on AWS and Azure, we continue to expand our offerings to help customers leverage that foundational knowledge and expertise to accelerate time to cloud and streamline migration. Our Application Modernization product offering extends our core services deeper into the world of digital transformation. Customers can leverage expertise to help develop cloud strategies, refactor applications, and project-based services to enable application development support, CI/CD pipeline deployment, and containers. 

Database Migration & Analytics

Additionally, to help customers with complex database migration needs, we have enhanced our Database Migration and Analytics product offering. With this tooling, you’re able to efficiently move data from legacy to cloud-native database platforms — all while implementing a fully integrated cloud-based data analytics strategy. With an array of supported platforms, Logicworks specializes in database builds and migrations to modernize database processes and accelerate time-to-cloud and optimize for long-term success.

AWS & Azure Migrations

Our unique perspective helping customers run and operate on the cloud allows us to architect migrations for long-term success. Our team dives deep to understand requirements, navigate partner funding initiatives, and leverages our expertise to build a custom solution to meet your database, security, and reliability needs. 

To learn more about how we can help you accelerate your cloud modernization, get in touch!

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