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SaaS on AWS: Free Training

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Recently, the SaaS team at AWS has released some great training materials to help software companies transform their applications on AWS. 

This training was released by the AWS SaaS Factory team, a program that includes reference architectures, blog posts, AWS Quick Starts, learning modules, bootcamps, and interactive activities such as webinars and workshops that provide prescriptive guidance on building and operating SaaS solutions on AWS. (Logicworks is proud to be a SaaS Factory Partner and AWS SaaS Competency Partner!)

Here are some of the best training materials, both from AWS and Logicworks: 


Upcoming Webinars

SaaS Adoption Pitfalls: Maximizing Your SaaS Success Webinar 

Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 12:00pm ET

SaaS is a business strategy and, as such, it requires organizations to think broadly about what it means to build an organization that can fully realize the value and promise of the SaaS model. While the merits of well understood, the path to becoming a best practices SaaS organization is not always clear. In this webinar, we’ll outline some of the common pitfalls that can undermine your ability to maximize the success of your SaaS offering. We’ll look at range of cultural, organizational, operational, and technical patterns that have sweeping impacts on your ability to achieve the agility, growth, and customer loyalty that is at the core of delivery a successful SaaS offering. The goal here is to outline these common pitfalls and discuss mechanisms that can help SaaS providers align their organizations with the strategies and practices that are common to best-of-breed SaaS environments. Register here


Reference Architectures

SaaS on AWS Guide by Logicworks

In this technical guide, we explore how software companies can use the power of AWS to achieve their goals for tenant isolation, compliance, and agility. It also provides resources for kickstarting your own AWS projects, including real-life architecture diagrams and templates of SaaS companies that built high-performing AWS environments. 


Building a Business Case

Forrester Report: ISV Business Case for Building SaaS on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Study

This was written in 2016, but still has very relevant data for building a business case for cloud-based SaaS in your organization. Shows how an initial migration investment yields profits in 2-5 years. 

Build and Operate a Modern SaaS Company (Webinar) – Requires APN Login

An hour-long webinar with AWS and Forrester research that reviews the fundamentals of building a successful SaaS business including organizational design and the broader cultural transformation and optimization of product teams, sales, marketing, and other core business functions.


Technical Training

SaaS Migration Strategies Course

This 95-minute course is perfect for engineers with a basic understanding of AWS who want an overview of SaaS migration patterns. Provides a good overview of common SaaS architectures. 

Minimally Invasive SaaS Migration

Great post on one of the most common SaaS migration patterns we see — from a single tenant model to a siloed AWS model. 

Tenant Isolation Patterns (VIDEO)

Tenant isolation is one of the most fundamental aspects of SaaS architecture. Every SaaS provider must consider how to ensure that their tenant resources are isolated and secure. The challenge is that each resource type (compute, storage, etc.) requires different isolation approaches. In this session, we build a clear roadmap for navigating the landscape of isolation options, highlighting the strategies for achieving isolation spanning the different multi-tenancy models and AWS services. Our goal is to create a comprehensive view of the considerations that impact your approach to introducing isolation into your SaaS solution.

SaaS Identity and Onboarding Course

In this course, you will learn the end-to-end elements of the onboarding process and highlight key considerations of building a robust SaaS identity and onboarding experience, explore a specific approach that leverages OpenID Connect to embed tenant context into your system’s identity tokens, and examine how these tokens can be used to scope access to tenant resources. You will also explore the broader elements of onboarding, including billing relationships and the configuration and provisioning of the tenant environment.


Live Events

(Details + Registration Pages Coming Soon)

  • September 22, 2020 in Boston | SaaS Meets Containers: Building Multi-Tenant SaaS Solutions with Amazon EKS
  • September 23, 2020 in Boston | SaaS Journey Simulation
  • September 24, 2020 in NYC | A Hands-on Introduction to Architecting SaaS Solutions on AWS
  • September 24, 2020 in NYC | SaaS Journey Simulation


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