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10 Questions with a Senior Marketing Manager

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Meet Suzanne, a Senior Marketing Manager on the Marketing team!


What is your favorite thing about Logicworks and why?
The people. We have a team-first mentality where people are always willing to do whatever it takes to help you be successful both professionally and personally.

What is your role at Logicworks and what are your responsibilities?
Senior Digital Marketing Manager. I’m responsible for generating leads that will turn into new sales opportunities, new revenue, and new clients for our business. As part of this, I’m responsible for managing our digital presence, including launching new digital campaigns and working closely with business development and sales teams to drive leads through the sales funnel.

What’s a typical day like? How has this changed during your time at Logicworks?
Every day varies depending on what is happening in the Go To Market team. One day I might work on building a new content campaign, launching PPC ads, or optimizing the website for keywords that are relevant to our services. Another day, I might spend my time supporting other teams, like Alliances and Sales, by developing digital assets to support their initiatives.

What part about your role is the most exciting?
The most exciting part of my role is seeing the impact it has on the business, whether its onboarding a new client that originated from a marketing campaign or the launch of new automation that eliminates a once manual process. These wins are affirmation that what I’m doing is working and encourages me to continue to find new ways to improve and optimize.

Did you ever think you would be in the technology industry growing up?
I never really had a specific industry in mind. I was passionate about marketing and went wherever there was an opportunity to learn and grow. I started my career in industrial coatings which has tons of interesting applications. I helped grout an engine into a new oil tanker, witnessed the application of non-skid coatings to Levi’s stadium, and helped test new products for water transmission pipelines.

I never sought out a job in technology, but it fell into my lap. It’s definitely way more exciting and dynamic than industrial coatings. It’s a space that’s constantly evolving, and it requires you to constantly challenge yourself to be successful.

Are you working on any cool projects right now?
I’m evaluating what I built over the past few years to find new ways to optimize, improve, and automate. I just finished building fully automated nurture tracks for leads who download our content. Now, every person who downloads a Logicworks ebook, webinar, or white paper will continue to receive relevant content based on the piece they originally downloaded. This allows us to send targeted content to leads based on where they are in their cloud journey and also helps drive engagement with our legacy content.

What are you currently watching on Netflix/Hulu/Prime?
I’m watching (or should I say rewatching) the Great British Baking Show. I have been trying to get into baking for the last year and watching the show inspires me to try something new. A few weeks ago, I made my first apple pie entirely from scratch.

Where is your favorite travel destination and why?
It’s a tie between Florence and New Orleans. I’ve only traveled internationally once, but I fell in love with Florence. It’s a beautiful city with a rich culture, and there’s something to see on every street. I would love to live in Florence for a period of my life.

I also love New Orleans. New Orleans has some of the best food in the world and even better music. The people there are so friendly. It’s impossible to not have a good time.

Advice for anyone looking to join the Marketing/Sales in a Technology industry?
Have a growth mindset. Technology evolves frequently. To be successful, you need to constantly evolve and acquire new skills. If you stagnate, you will not have long-term success in this industry.

If you’re in marketing and sales, listen to your audience and build for them. Consumers are better informed than ever before, and gone are the days where you can simply tell them what they need. Instead, it’s our responsibility to listen, ask questions, and build solutions that will educate, empower, and guide them through the sales process.

This interview is part of a series of interviews with Logicworks employees. If you’re interested in applying to Logicworks, visit our Jobs page or email us at jcowle@logicworks.net.

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