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Cloud Security Automation Framework on AWS

Cloud Patrol protects deployments from human error and improves cloud security team efficiency

Logicworks, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and a member of the AWS Managed Services Program, announced today the launch of Cloud Patrol, a cloud automation solution that combines advanced DevOps tooling and ongoing engineering support to help ensure that cloud security policies are consistently built and enforced across enterprise AWS environments. Developed to help enterprise compliance and security teams protect deployments from human error, inconsistent configurations and common vulnerabilities, Cloud Patrol has helped enterprises reduce the risk and improve the efficiency of cloud security teams.

Cloud Patrol’s core components are twofold. First, the Automation Framework defines the tools and processes common to all environments in a client environment, so that security rules, network foundations, and access policies are easily replicated and centrally managed. Second, Cloud Patrol provides security teams a set of automated tests that continually check cloud environments for errors and vulnerabilities. Cloud Patrol, which will continue to be enhanced alongside changing environments and infrastructures, acts as a guardrail by building cloud environments from pre-built templates and then flagging known security risks before they become an issue.

“We were hearing from our customers that automation and DevOps are a big part of future security plans, and they want to rely on native-AWS tooling to turn those plans into reality,” said Terry Wise, Vice President of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner in the APN, Logicworks is in a strong position to take this feedback and develop a product on AWS that helps enterprises to become more agile while also increasing their overall security posture.”

Logicworks’ Cloud Patrol is bridging the gap between development, operations, and security teams, who all benefit from automation being incorporated into infrastructure management and software deployment. Giving these teams the tools and visibility to build out and maintain consistent architectures reduces potential security “roadblocks”, review processes that commonly delay Agile teams and reduces time to market for new features and releases.

“Since many consider data to be a company’s crown jewels, IT teams feel an enormous amount of pressure when interacting with data environments,” said Jason McKay, CTO and SVP, Logicworks. “Cloud Patrol alleviates that pressure and builds additional security, automation and reporting elements onto AWS Cloud environments, allowing IT administrators to focus on optimizing other aspects of their infrastructures.”

Cloud Patrol is available for Logicworks and AWS customers today. For more information on the solution and pricing options, please contact us.