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3 Key Issues in Managing Hybrid Clouds for Legacy Applications

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Hybrid clouds often present a significant challenge to enterprise IT teams.

This is not because the technology is inherently difficult, but because the integration between bare metal, private and public environments frequently results in complex, attenuated lines of dependency, partially rebuilt legacy applications, and multiple monitoring interfaces that have the potential to lead to inefficient operations and lower performance.

There are three key issues in managing hybrid clouds:

  • Do internal IT teams have the knowledge of integrating security and monitoring best practices across multiple environments?
  • Does the internal IT team have clear roles and responsibilities in terms of managing multiple components and often multiple security policies, IAM roles, and data standards across multiple environments?
  • Do security/hosting/other partners have experience in both traditional hosting and the public cloud? If not, will they be able to adequately understand both aspects of hybrid cloud deployments and the unique features of legacy applications?

Only those enterprises that take these security and structure questions seriously — and ensure that the tools and teams are in place to support hybrid deployments — will see true performance benefits.

Learn more about how to manage hybrid clouds — and find out if your internal team is prepared — in our latest white paper, “Managing Hybrid Clouds for Legacy Applications.”


Logicworks is a managed cloud service provider with over 22 years of traditional hosting and has also earned Premier AWS Consulting Partner status. Our unique combination of security and compliance expertise and the latest DevOps best practices makes us uniquely suited for migrating and hosting legacy applications in Hybrid environments.


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