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SQL Server on EC2 to Aurora PostgreSQL Migration Plan

This Database Modernization Workshop outlines a migration plan and destination architecture design to transition from SQL Server on EC2 to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL. Logicworks provides an assessment of your current databases to develop a migration strategy that fulfills your business needs.

Sessions & Milestones

Briefing & Discovery

Logicworks will lead a workshop to introduce core concepts including use cases, management, automation, and governance. The requirements for your deployment will be identified and documented, to align our technical resources around your project goals & objectives.

Data Gather

Based on your requirements, Logicworks will present the recommended architecture design. Our team will share a diagram of the proposed configuration and review the specifics points of your deployment.

Migration Feasibility Readout

Logicworks will analyze the data gathered, and review strategies for addressing migration challenges with your Application owners.

Design & Migration Plan

Logicworks will present an AWS reference architecture for a target Aurora PostgreSQL deployment that meets your needs for Performance, Scalability, and Availability/Disaster Recovery, along with a high-level implementation plan and backlog of challenges/blockers to migration, if any.

Scope and Details


  • Migration Feasibility Report
  • AWS Reference Architecture
  • Challenge/Blocker Backlog

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