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Advanced Control Tower

Building on Logicworks’ Control Tower Accelerator, Advanced Control Tower adds a deeper degree of configuration and complexity to your Control Tower solution. This brings the resulting environment closer to full production-ready status. Included in the additional scope are networking and security guardrails that turn your Control Tower into an integrated management environment. Advanced Control Tower expands the Control Tower from your previous Cloud Accelerator engagement into an integrated managed environment that includes tools for networking, AWS Transit Gateways, centralized egress traffic, AWS Backup, Amazon GuardDuty, and Amazon Inspector.

Sessions & Milestones

Briefing & Discovery, Networking Design

Logicworks will lead a workshop to introduce core concepts, including Networking, Centralized Egress, Direct Connect or Site-to-Site VPN Integration, AWS Backup, Amazon GuardDuty, and Amazon Inspector. A Logicworks Solutions Architect will design a Centralized Egress network leveraging AWS Transit Gateway that is AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN ready.

Advanced Guardrails

Logicworks will lead a workshop to review recommended and optional guardrails, and work with your team to develop a customized package of guardrails for your Control Tower.


Logicworks will Implement the AWS infrastructure to support centralized egress, enable AWS Backup, Amazon GuardDuty, and Amazon Inspector. Additionally, Logicworks will deploy any additional guardrails via Customizations for Control Tower.

Knowledge Transfer

When your deployment is complete, Logicworks will present the details to your team and provide a guided walkthrough of the environment.

Scope and Details


  • Control Tower networking
  • Guardrails
  • AWS Security Services
  • Backup infrastructure automation


  • Implement Centralized Egress (outbound network traffic, TransitGateway, centralized NAT gateway solution)
  • Guardrails Customization for Control Tower
  • Deploy AWS Backup
  • Enable Amazon GuardDuty
  • Enable Amazon Inspector

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