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AI/ML & Big Data Service

Cutting edge AI/ML Services in AWS to improve operations, drive cost savings & supercharge customer experiences

Propel Your Business Forward
With The Power of Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are some of the most exciting, yet complicated, technologies on the market today. Logicworks’ certified AI/ML engineers and data scientists can help you chart your AI/ML path forward or optimize your existing AI/ML infrastructure. Logicworks empowers you to improve operations, create exciting new customer experiences, and accelerate business performance with AI/ML.

How Can AI Help You Get Ahead?


Save on customer service costs
with real-time chatbots

Virtual Assistants

Provide customer support, answer questions, and complete tasks with AI-powered virtual assistants.

Recommendation Engines

Increase sales with personalized product and services recommendations.

Risk Management

Reduce losses and mitigate risk with AI-powered risk management.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime by using AI to predict when equipment is likely to fail so that preventative maintenance can be scheduled.


Use AI to create personalized marketing campaigns, target ads more effectively, measure marketing campaign results, and increase conversion rates.

Product Development

Reduce time to market for new products and services by analyzing customer data and identifying trends with AI-powered product development.

Fraud Detection

Reduce losses with advanced AI fraud detection systems.

Supply Chain Management

Optimize supply chains, improve inventory management, and reduce costs with AI supply chain management.

Our Approach

1 | Determine Goals and Frame an AI/ML Solution

We work with you to assess your goals and determine how AI/ML can add value to your business. We develop strategies and assess data availability, infrastructure readiness, potential risks, and outline the benefits of AI/ML to your organization.

2 | Data-Sourcing and Prototyping Solutions

We gather your data and perform a deep analysis of how it will affect the accuracy and success of your AI/ML model. Our team also creates prototypes and proofs-of-concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of your solution. Our capabilities for prototyping and POCs are extensive:

  • Image & Video Analysis
  • Text Extraction & Analysis
  • Speech to Text
  • Intelligent Agent
  • Search Engines
  • Personalized Recommendation Systems
  • Forecasting
  • Large Language Models
  • Image Generation Models
  • Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG)
  • Custom ML & Deep Learning Models

3 | AI/ML Foundational Readiness Assessment

The building blocks of your AWS infrastructure are examined and tested to determine AI/ML readiness. We make sure that your infrastructure is secure and has the proper networking connections for your AI/ML solution.

4 | Establish Model Training Data Resources

Logicworks creates the data lakes and warehouses required to train and serve your machine learning model. We also build an automated data ingestion and transformation pipeline to feed the data lake and data warehouse.

5 | ML Operations

Our MLOps team scales experimentation with AWS SageMaker and enables CI/CD development. We use modern tooling to automate your ML workflow, such as:

  • SageMaker
  • Code Pipeline
  • Code Build
  • Step Functions
  • Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow
  • Deep Learning Containers

6 | Gain Insight with Real-Time Analytics and Data Visualization

We build reporting, analytics, and data visualization dashboards so you can see exactly how your AI/ML solutions impact your business.

7 | Maximize your AI/ML Cost Savings

Accelerate model training and reduce machine learning costs. We help you achieve higher efficiency and realize significant cost savings with SageMaker deployment strategies, AWS Tranium, Inferentia, and Deep Learning Containers.

Our AI/ML Toolbox

Our AI/ML specialists leverage a diverse array of AWS AI services, third-party tools, and established methodologies to guarantee the success of your AI/ML implementation.

Consultation & Strategy

  • Assessment Report
  • Solution Architecture Diagram
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Scalable Data Transform Pipelines: Develop scalable extract, transform and load (ETL) pipelines with Glue, Spark, EMR, and Lambda
  • POC Scope of Work


  • Prototype/POC Capabilities
    • Image & video analysis
    • Text extraction & analysis
    • Speech to text
    • Chatbot
    • Intelligent agents
    • Large language models (LLMs)
    • Image generation models
    • Custom ML & deep learning models
    • Intelligent search engine
    • Personalized recommendation systems
    • Forecasting


  • Data Lakes:  S3, Glue Catalog, Lake Formation, Athena, and Redshift Spectrum
  • Data Warehousing: Redshift, AWS RDS, DynamoDB, OpenSearch, and vector databases
  • ETL Pipelines: Glue, Lambda, Kinesis
  • MLOps: SageMaker Pipeline, Step Functions, Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow, or any 3rd party ML lifecycle tools
  • Generative AI: AWS Bedrock 
  • CI/CD Automation: AWS CodeBuild, CodePipeline, or 3rd party CI/CD tools
  • BI analytics and visualization: Quicksight, OpenSearch, Tableau, or Power BI, AWS OpenSearch


  • Reduce costs and optimize performance with AWS Trainium and Inferentia
  • LLM Systems: Evals, Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG), fine-tuning, caching, guardrails, quantization, prompt engineering  
  • Image Generation Systems: fine-tuning, caching, prompt engineering
  • ML Well-Architected Framework Review – Assess your AI/ML workload in accordance with the AWS Machine Learning Well-Architected Framework

Talk to an AI/ML Expert

Our AWS-certified team of AI/ML engineers and data scientists are ready to help you harness powerful new technologies and grow your business. Whether you’re just starting to explore the possibilities of AI/ML, or you have a plan and are ready to implement, Logicworks has the tools and knowledge to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn how our AI/ML solutions save you time, money, and maximize your potential as you prepare for the future.