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Improve Scalability, Speed, and Cost Efficiency

Fine-Tune your Cloud Environment

Not getting the performance you expect out of AWS cloud or Azure cloud? Logicworks can help you assess your current infrastructure, remediate elements like database performance and Auto Scaling, and ensure that your cloud is perfectly tuned to your application.

Automate scaling, failover, and recovery

Cut waste and optimize cloud resources

Tune cloud speed, performance

Automate cloud operations

“With Logicworks’ help, we feel confident our cloud environment is cost-effective, highly available and secure.”

Alex Gorelick, Janus Capital

Cloud Assessment

Our expert engineers perform a deep analysis of your entire cloud footprint to identify improvements and recommend best practices.

  • Learn cloud best practices
  • Assess reliability, performance, cost, and operations
  • Identify security and compliance gaps in the cloud
  • Get a detailed report of recommendations
  • Option to utilize a team of Certified Engineers to implement recommendations

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Monitor Cloud Performance with Logicworks Pulse

Logicworks Pulse is a platform where you can get real-time stats on cloud costs, performance, security, and more.

  • Available to any Cloud Operations customer
  • Integrates AWS cloud and Azure cloud monitoring into single pane of glass
  • Provides instant alerts to cloud security threats, cost anomalies, performance changes
  • Allows you to control your cloud environment in real-time

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