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Logicworks Modernizes Existing Applications to Consolidate Services & Meet Security Requirements

A primary care database partnered with Logicworks to help launch their new line of business. The team had tight timelines for launch to production and needed to align the architecture to HIPAA/HITRUST compliance. Logicworks collaborated with the team to design, build, and manage a HIPAA-compliant environment. The environment would be in a separate organizational unit within their existing AWS Landing Zone. This enabled the team to successfully meet their timelines to launch the primary care database. Additionally, by outsourcing the ongoing cloud operations to Logicworks, the development teams could focus on delivering new and innovative features.

When the primary care database team decided to rearchitect and migrate three applications to AWS in 2022, Logicworks was the clear choice to help ensure the success of the project. Logicworks provided consultation and support for the AWS migration strategy of the applications. Logicworks and the team worked together to refactor microservices, update container orchestration, and refactor the CI/CD pipeline. Once the foundation of the migration was set, Logicworks performed significant testing of application-level components to ensure security and high availability. After deploying the refactored applications, Logicworks provided ongoing operational support so their team can focus on the next business initiative.


  • Needed to increase scalability, resiliency, and reliability to support both new business and legacy applications
  • Did not have in-house security expertise to ensure that security and compliance requirements are met
  • Internal IT team didn’t have the bandwidth to meet production timelines and wanted to offload the 24×7 operations


  • Logicworks designed and built a modernized foundation in AWS to meet unique application and deployment requirements
  • Improved security posture by leveraging Infrastructure-as-Code, aligning with the Well-Architected Framework, and providing 3rd party security tools
  • Logicworks’ Cloud Reliability Platform has significantly reduced the infrastructure management burden on the team, allowing them to focus on application integration and high-priority projects


Logicworks designed and built an architecture on AWS that follows a DevSecOps model. This allows the primary care database teams to scale quickly while ensuring that security guardrails are in place. Logicworks’ team of cloud experts consulted with them to understand their business goals and unique requirements to provide the right technical solutions. This allowed them to move faster, gain stakeholder support, and make better decisions that will enable future growth. By leveraging Logicworks Cloud Reliability Platform and ongoing AWS support, they have streamlined cloud operations, elevated security, and improved efficiency.

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