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Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Company Partners with Logicworks to Build & Manage Azure Cloud Infrastructure for an Award-Winning Mobile Application

Published: February 22, 2023

An industry-leading hearing aid technology company partnered with Logicworks to architect, build, and deploy a portfolio of Azure-native applications. This new development required a team of cloud experts and security specialists to design and build the Azure cloud infrastructure to address their technical and business needs.

As the company continued to scale and expand offerings, they needed to update legacy databases and on-premise infrastructure. They began planning a digital transformation to develop new cloud-first applications. Their mobile application was the initial priority. They needed a mobile platform that was flexible, powerful, secure, and resilient, that also met HIPAA compliance requirements. They did not have the in-house resource availability and expertise to tackle this project quickly.


  • Needed to update legacy systems and create a modernized, Azure-native mobile application
  • Required a HIPAA-compliant Azure cloud infrastructure to support the mobile application and marketing automation engine
  • Lacked the resources to build, migrate, and manage the new development in the Azure cloud

To achieve these goals, they partnered with Logicworks, an industry-leading provider of platform-driven cloud solutions that specializes in mission-critical healthcare projects and enabling HIPAA compliance. Logicworks migrated the new mobile application to Microsoft Azure and leveraged native public cloud features for scalability and high availability, including AKS containerization for computing, an Azure SQL database, and Azure Blob Storage as the data layer.


  • Logicworks leveraged its cloud experts to build the Azure infrastructure and migrate the mobile application to the environment
  • Logicworks used modern cloud technologies (such as AKS containers, Azure SQL, and Azure Blob Storage) to support the mobile application and help meet HIPAA requirements
  • Established infrastructure best practices to meet their business and security needs


The collaboration with Logicworks resulted in an award-winning mobile application that utilizes cloud-native technology. The Azure cloud infrastructure that Logicworks built allows the hearing aid technology company to modernize their development efforts and maintain a strong posture for bringing new products to market.

This collaborative effort resulted in a new Android application that allows pharmacists to interactively identify patients’ hearing needs and customize recommendations, including over-the-counter hearing aid options. In 2022, their mobile application was recognized as a Consumer Technology Association CES Innovation Award winner.

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