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Stibo Systems Chooses Logicworks to Implement Master Data Management Platform on the Cloud

Stibo Systems provides Master Data Management software to clients like Toyota, Office Depot, Best Buy, Sears, and Kellogg’s. They were interested in taking advantage of the scalability, reliablity, and flexibility of the cloud, but each of their clients was siloed in a separate set of resources and they needed assistance building a cloud environment without disrupting their single-tenant model. Logicworks helped Stibo migrate to a mature, secure cloud environment and maintain high governance 24x7x365.  


  • Single-tenant software requires complete isolation of resources between software customers
  • Often took months to provision resources for each a new software customer; desire to speed up customer onboarding time
  • Each customer has different compliance requirements; need multi-regulatory compliance framework
  • Lack of internal cloud experience


  • Design, build, and migration of their single-tenant software from on-premises to the public cloud
  • Custom architecture used a Hub-Spoke VPC approach to connect each tenant network to a central management network with tools for multi-regulatory compliance
  • Unlimited access to Certified Engineers during the migration process
  • After migration, 24x7x365 Managed Services support and ongoing support for customer onboarding
  • Automated customer onboarding with AWS CloudFormation and Puppet


The Stibo-Logicworks partnership has resulted in improved efficiency and performance of their SaaS platform. By centralizing their compliance and management tools, they are able to meet the varying compliance requirements of their clients. Logicworks’ infrastructure automation with templating and configuration management tools ensures that they can onboard new SaaS customers quickly. Onboarding of new clients has gone from months on-premises to 48-hours in the cloud.

“We wanted a partner with expertise in DevOps and cloud security, but culture was also very important. We wanted a partner with longevity, focus, and a desire to pursue a long-term partnership. Logicworks stood out from the competition through their knowledge, dedication, and culture.”

– Jens Skijoedt, Director of Customer Support, Stibo

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