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Security Software Company Migrates from Private Cloud to Microsoft Azure with Logicworks

A security management company provides incident management software that powers the world’s largest and most complex security operations. Over a hundred Fortune 500 companies use the company’s incident management orchestration engine, including Pfizer, AIG, Microsoft, and Visa.

After partnering with Logicworks for more than a decade for its private cloud, the company decided to migrate its core software to cloud-based SaaS on Microsoft Azure. Logicworks helped the company prepare its applications and infrastructure for migration, then partnered with the company to provide ongoing Managed Services.


  • Desire to transform their core software to a cloud-based SaaS product
  • Large Windows environment required special care in migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Company has 500 clients, each with their own database, that the company will need to migrate to Azure
  • As a security software company, the security of their infrastructure and applications is top priority


  • Logicworks Azure Migration Service, including a thorough assessment of their private cloud in order to determine a proposed architecture for their Azure environment
  • TCO analysis revealed that their projected Azure usage would be less than or equal to their current Private Cloud infrastructure spend, but with dramatically greater flexibility
  • Logicowrks built a hub-and-spoke Virtual Network architecture, which allowed for central management services connected to unique SaaS customer environments. This approach allowed for a balance of central governance and SaaS tenant isolation
  • Azure Recovery Services for Disaster Recovery
  • After migration, the company engaged Logicworks for Azure Managed Services, including 24×7 support, patching, backups, monitoring, and incident response


As a result working with Logicworks, the security company was able to rapidly accelerate migration to Microsoft Azure. Logicworks was already a trusted partner with intimate knowledge of their existing infrastructure, so building a parallel environment in Azure was simplified, and took place in just 30 days. As a result of migrating to Azure, the security company will have a more flexible, scalable platform that satisfies customer demand for a cloud-based platform.

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