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Stratasys Leverages Logicworks Cloud Operations for 24×7 AWS Support

Stratasys is one of the top manufacturers of 3D printers and additive prototyping machines in the world and the parent company of MakerBot and Dimension Printing. It specializes in large, industrial printers for medical, automotive, and aerospace systems.

To maintain a lean IT organization, Stratasys chose to outsource infrastructure build-out and support
to Logicworks. Logicworks suggested Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help Stratasys meet the business goal of extending their eCommerce platform to EMEA and Asia, due to the relative ease of replication across global AWS regions. As Stratasys’ 24x7x365 support team, Logicworks enables Stratasys to minimize downtime, use the AWS platform securely, and access expert support on issues large and small.


  • Global eCommerce platform must service European and Asian end-users
  • First AWS project, internal teams required best practice guidance and support
  • Complex SAP Hybris implementation in AWS
  • Mission-critical software requires always-on availability


  • AWS Migration Service: Assessment, design, and build of their target AWS environment with team of certified engineers
  • AWS Managed Services: Logicworks’ unique support model means that each client receives dedicated support for every request, 24x7x365. When Stratasys calls, they do not need to “explain” their environment and can access rapid remediation. Includes 100% uptime SLA.
  • Ongoing support for global expanstion; due to Logicworks’ use of AWS
    CloudFormation and Puppet, their eCommerce portal can be rapidly and cost-efficiently replicated in another AWS region as needed.


As a result of migrating to AWS with Logicworks, Stratasys has created a highly scalable, secure, global platform to support its eCommerce workloads. AWS provides reliable resources that scale to meet demand and advanced native tooling to help Stratasys manage infrastructure efficiently.

“Logicworks’ proactive response coupled with their deep understanding of our environment makes AWS management easy.”

– Rob Halva, Program Manager, Stratasys

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