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Logicworks & ChaosSearch Create Streamlined Centralized Logging Solution for Sixth Street

Sixth Street is a global investment firm with over $60 billion in assets under management and more than 400 team members. As a global investment firm with a variety of bespoke and commodity off-the-shelf applications used by customers and employees across the world, Sixth Street faces the difficult challenge of building a cloud presence on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a cohesive approach to application lifecycle management, alerting, monitoring, and logging. Sixth Street partnered with Logicworks and ChaosSearch to build solutions to these problems.  


  • AWS Control Tower aggregates logs for native log data generated by AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config, but it does not provide an out of the box solution for application logging
  • Create and maintain an automated centralized logging stack
  • Implement a solution for monitoring and alerting on aggregate log data


  • Logicworks consolidated all application logs in the central log archive account for consumption
  • Automated log collection and centralized the process
  • Logicworks and ChaosSearch developed a serverless automated workflow to move logs from a CloudWatch Log Group through to a centralized S3 bucket where a cross account IAM role for ChaosSearch could ingest the logs into the ChaosSearch platform


The centralized logging solution enabled Sixth Street to significantly cut costs and better allocate resources. Sixth Street saved five hours, per engineer, per week. This greatly influences their ability to focus on revenue generating projects as well further streamline cloud operations.

“We sought partners that understood our operating parameters. This led us to choose Logicworks.”

– Adam M. Dutko, Vice President of Cloud Engineering, Sixth Street

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