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SERVPRO: Scalable Application Infrastructure Automation

SERVPRO Industries is one of the nation’s leading fire and water cleanup companies, helping millions of homeowners overcome disasters. The company partnered with Logicworks to help modernize its cloud operations.  SERVPRO migrated from its on-premises and colocated data centers to AWS. Logicworks cloud experts worked closely with the SERVPRO team to understand the unique business objectives, compliance requirements, and future growth plans. Logicworks designed and built a robust infrastructure to support ongoing resiliency, governance, and scale.


  • Limited capacity/availability and performance issues in SERVPRO’s data center
  • Lack of infrastructure and application automation accumulated a fair amount of technical debt
  • Single monolith database environment, combined with Microsoft SQL server supporting over 200 applications made it difficult to achieve scale
  • Lack of documentation or access to code presented significant challenges in making necessary updates
  • Increased data center and Disaster Recovery colocation costs
  • Limited space to deploy new applications


  • Migrated from SERVPRO’s datacenter to AWS using Logicworks Cloud Reliability Platform
  • Logicworks deployed an AWS multi-account solution with centralized authentication and networking which helped increase security, centralize network routing, enable compliance and access control, and integrate third party and cloud native tooling
  • Logicworks customized an end-to-end fully automated CI/CD immutable deployment system to support SERVPRO’s business-critical applications
  • Logicworks migrated the legacy Microsoft SQL Server databases in a lift-and-shift approach and re-platformed in Kubernetes
  • SERVPRO developers worked with Logicworks to refactor applications into containerized services


As a result of working with Logicworks, SERVPRO achieved significant cost savings. SERVPRO was able to gain greater efficiency and control with by migrating from its data centers and colocation Disaster Recovery facilities to AWS. Logicworks infrastructure design and Cloud Reliability Platform enabled the use of automation  to streamline resources, elevate security, and improve deployment velocity. Logicworks cloud operations provides the ongoing proactive management and continuity of care SERVPRO needs to continue to innovate, accelerate time to revenue, and support growth.

“Logicworks’ expertise in AWS migration and ongoing operations to enable compliance, performance, and reliability is unmatched”

– Jeff Fields, CIO, SERVPRO

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