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Myriad Genetics Chooses Logicworks to Migrate HIPAA Workloads to AWS

Genetic screening helps countless patients make informed healthcare decisions every year. Myriad Genetics, a HealthTech start-up, set out to make genetic screening and counseling more accessible to a wider audience. After nearly a decade running infrastructure on-premises, Myriad made the decision to migrate several of their critical applications to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, but were unfamiliar with the platform and wanted assurance that AWS could meet its HIPAA compliance requirements.  


  • Desire to test and launch new feature ideas more quickly; existing on-premises infrastructure took months to provision and configure
  • Lack of experience on the AWS platform
  • Need for HIPAA compliance
  • Complex PostgreSQL database requirements with large datasets


  • Migration of their healthcare data and applications to AWS
  • Automation of their infrastructure build and configuration to ensure continuous HIPAA compliance
  • Hybrid connection between Myriad Genetics’ on-premises database to AWS database
  • Ongoing AWS Managed Services provides 24×7 monitoring, maintenance, patching, backups, and management of 3rd party security tools for HIPAA compliance


  • Running on AWS has resulted in dramatically improved time to market for new software, more than 2x faster time to market compared to on-premise
  • Can launch new HIPAA environments in minutes using custom-built automation
  • Rely on Logicworks to maintain HIPAA-enabled AWS systems and reporting for audits

“What Logicworks brought to the table was best practices around setting up a really secure database environment, automatic patching of exterior hosts, the consistent and thorough use of security groups, integration with Alert Logic software, and other critical areas of HIPAA compliance on AWS. We are able to retain control of our environment while relying on Logicworks to provide their AWS security expertise so we’re using the right tools and the right configurations.”

– Dave Peticolas, IT Director, Myriad Women’s Health

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