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Mortgage Bank Transforms their Cloud with AWS Well-Architected Review

A prominent mortgage bank migrated to AWS several years ago, and were experiencing several issues with performance, cost, and security. Their AWS account grew haphazardly in fits and starts by different cloud engineers with different requirements, their AWS bills were climbing steadily, and they had frequent application outages. They also weren’t confident that their cloud met necessary PCI-DSS 3.0 requirements.

As a result, the mortgage bank reached out to Logicworks to conduct a full AWS Well-Architected Review and Compliance Assessment on their AWS account. Logicworks conducted a thorough review of their existing environment and remediated critical performance and cost issues.


  • Significant growth in their AWS bill over time
  • Each resource developed with different configurations, by different engineers
  • Environment consisted of hundreds of instances, both Spot and On-Demand
  • Large portions of their environment had “fallen out” of compliance with PCI-DSS standards
  • Architectural deficiencies due to an AWS skills gap on their team


  • Assessment of their complete AWS account in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, delivered complete report with remediation priorities and next steps
  • Rebuilt their existing AWS environments in accordance with AWS best practices and PCI-DSS compliance standards
  • Due to the success of that project, the mortgage bank hired Logicworks for AWS Managed Services to supplement their internal AWS resources with a focus on operational support, DevOps automation, and cloud cost management


As a result of Logicworks’ assessment, the mortgage bank was able to dramatically improve the cost-efficiency, security, and performance of their AWS environment in a short period of time. Logicworks produced a new architecture design in just 2 weeks according to AWS best practices. After build-out, Logicworks and the mortgage bank collaborated on extensive cloud reliability and cloud security testing.The platform launched in production just 60 days after the initial design phase, and Logicworks now offers 24×7 cloud monitoring, ticket support, patching, updates, and select benefits of AWS Enterprise Support.

After working with Logicworks, the mortgage company is confident in their AWS Cloud architecture — and ready to move more workloads to AWS in the future.

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