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Health SaaS Company MP Cloud Selects Logicworks for HIPAA Compliant Cloud on AWS

MP Cloud is a healthcare software firm that specializes in the field of Emergency Medicine Services (EMS), a complex industry with many key stakeholders, including patients, 911 dispatchers, ambulance drivers, EMS clinicians, hospitals, and insurance companies. Their Advance One application is the first Software-as-a-Service product that provides one comprehensive platform to manage dispatch, ambulance fleet routing via GPS, patient tracking, and insurance claims. They decided to migrate Advance One to AWS, and sought a partner to help design and build a HIPAA-enabled AWS environment.


  • Application contains personal health information (PHI), so HIPAA compliance is mandated
  • Critical medical application requires 100% uptime
  • Startup team wants to be able to rollout new features quickly, advanced CI/CD pipeline needs to be integrated with AWS infrastructure-as-code
  • Lack of internal AWS team means they need 24x7x365 support


  • Logicworks designed and built a secure, high-performance AWS environment, including all compute, network, and database resources
  • New AWS environment meets HIPAA standards, including for access controls, data protection, and encryption
  • After migration, MP Cloud engaged Logicworks for AWS Managed Services, which includes 24x7x365 monitoring, incident response, audit support, patching, backups, and more
  • Ongoing cost management and optimization


The project resulted in an expansion of their SaaS platform and a significant increase in the reliablity, performance, and stability of their infrastructure. With the tools that Logicworks put in place, they are confident that their application and infrastructure meet HIPAA standards. As EMS departments across the country seek out the next generation of tools to support an aging population, MP Cloud is poised to lead the industry with their innovation in cloud-based EMS software.

“We depend on Logicworks to ensure that our systems are HIPAA compiant and client data is protected.”

– Ray Chase, VP of Technology, MP Cloud

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