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How Logicworks Saved a Healthcare Company’s Critical Data During an Incident

At 4PM on a Friday before a holiday weekend, one of Logicworks’ healthcare clients learned that their own engineer accidentally deployed a faulty software package to their entire system. Major parts of their system were down.

Within minutes, senior engineers on the Logicworks team immediately responded and began to investigate the issue. They were able to identify the issue and work collaboratively with the healthcare company to remedy the issue before start-of-business on Monday morning. The issue highlighted the value of Logicworks AWS Managed Services, where a fleet of Certified AWS Engineers are ready 24×7 to respond to issues — even during holidays.


  • Software package deployed by the customer made accidental configuration changes to the entire system
  • Configuration changes were deployed to nearly 200 servers, across production, stage, dev/test, and Disaster Recovery
  • Since Disaster Recovery environment was impacted, failover was not an option
  • Timing meant that internal teams were offline, on holiday


  • Logicworks engineers worked a combined 170 hours over three days to fix the issue
  • Due to our in-depth understanding of this client’s systems, Logicworks was able to come up with a unique and efficient solution to a problem that their own engineers could not solve
  • Created an automation script to programmatically fix error across environments


After 170+ hours of remediation, the Logicworks team successfully brought the affected instances back to service with zero data loss, preventing a costly rebuild and potentially damaging customer relations. The incident not only highlighted the benefit of having a deep bench of outsourced cloud engineering talent, but also the value of outsourcing to a team of engineers with programming capabilities and infrastructure-as-code tooling experience. Logicworks’ unique approach to cloud management, which includes reliability and security automation, is customized for every client and empowers internal client teams to deploy faster with less risk.

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