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Government Research Company Migrates FedRAMP Compliant Big Data Analytics Applications to AWS

A government research company was building a high-performance analytics application to process a very large dataset of sensitive information. Their infrastructure needed to be FedRAMP compliant, and although the company maintains its own FedRAMP-compliant datacenters, the project had a tight deadline. Their usual 3-month timeline for purchasing, configuring, and testing custom hardware was not an option.

The company chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) due to AWS’s extensive experience working with government organizations and vendors and its robust big data offerings. However, their staff lacked expertise on the AWS platform and the project’s deadline was fast approaching, so they could not build their AWS environment alone. The research company’s leadership chose Logicworks to design, deploy, manage, and optimize their AWS cloud. Logicworks architected the solution to meet FedRAMP standards by applying its mature, well-tested framework for continuous compliance.


  • Aggressive deadline; less than 60 days to production
  • Big data analytics applications require custom configurations and high-performance compute and storage
  • FedRAMP compliance requirement
  • Internal systems teams lack expertise on the AWS platform


  • AWS Migration Service, including assessment, design, and build-out of a FedRAMP-enabled AWS environment on AWS GovCloud
  • Migration completed in just 45 days
  • Environment built using AWS CloudFormation, Puppet, and other infrastructure as code tools so that their entire environment can be duplicated or easily modified and rebuilt for another project. This significantly reduces the cost of future projects
  • After migration, the company chose Logicworks for AWS Managed Services, including monitoring, patching, backups, 24x7x365 support


As a result of choosing Logicworks and AWS, the research company successfully launched their FedRAMP-ready analytics project on AWS in under 60 days. The speed and success of this project demonstrates the value of outsourcing physical datacenter compliance to AWS and then layering on an experienced AWS management partner for architecture, monitoring, and maintenance. The project also highlights the benefits of the continuous compliance model, where configuration management and AWS native tools enforce server and OS configurations, alerting Logicworks’ 24x7x365 support or automatically correcting misconfigured resources. Due to the success of the project, the research company now plans to gradually shut down their on-premise datacenter and go all-in on AWS.

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