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Jason McKay

New Podcast: The Future of MSPs

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This past week, Logicworks’ CTO Jason McKay sat down with Corey Quinn, the host of Last Week in AWS, for a podcast episode on the future of MSPs.

Listen as Corey and Jason discuss Jason’s impressive career trajectory, what exactly a managed service provider does, how Logicworks is different than the run-of-the-mill MSP, how Jason believes MSPs should work as the R&D arm of their clients, what to look for in an MSP that you might actually want to work with, how there aren’t really any public cloud-to-public cloud migrations but there are customers running in multiple clouds, how one of Logicworks’ apps that runs on AWS and Azure is architected, how much that extra nine of uptime costs, what a terrible client for Logicworks looks like, and more.

Listen below!

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