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10 Questions with a Cloud Operations Specialist

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Since this interview, Keyur Patel has been promoted to a Cloud Support Associate. Congratulations Keyur!

What is your favorite thing about Logicworks and why?

Headshot of KeyurThe community and the people. I was nervous about joining Logicworks, but I was pleasantly surprised when I joined the NOC team and made friends that I can hang out with inside and outside of work. Logicworks has a great community where everyone is pleasant and always willing to help out.

What is your role at Logicworks and what are your responsibilities? What’s a typical day like?

As a part of the Cloud Operations team, I am considered a senior cloud operations specialist in Tier 1. I love this team because they are incredibly progressive and encourage growth by job shadowing and by promoting team members. For example, Cloud Operations Specialists (Tier 1) will typically be promoted to Cloud Support Associates (Tier 2) in nine to twelve months once they have learned the role, show leadership, and demonstrate interest to move into the next role.

My current responsibilities include client support, completing tickets and patching. I make sure that clients are patched with monthly or quarterly updates and provide them instructions to access their environments. My role is 70% patching and 30% support-related.

What part about your role is the most exciting?

The most exciting part of my job is shadowing Cloud Support Associates (Tier 2) and helping with complicated projects and tickets. I always want to progress and learn, so I love going through the T2 ticket queue and finding something challenging to complete.

What are you currently watching on Netflix/Hulu/Prime?

Lucifer and Band of Brothers.

Niagara Falls- taken by Keyur

Where is your favorite travel destination and why?

I love Spain. It’s incredibly beautiful.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I’m a fan of photography. I take a lot of landscapes and long exposures, anything that’s not portraits. (Sending me photo)

Did you ever think you would be in the technology industry growing up? As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a fighter pilot! I was fascinated by flying machines and thought it would be incredibly cool to fly one. The only problem is I’m afraid of heights, so I never gave myself the opportunity. In 2010, I moved to the United States and wanted to be a car mechanic. I never imagined going into technology. My friend told me to reconsider, and I never looked back.

Advice for anyone looking to join the cloud computing industry?

Figure out what direction you want to go in and then keep going. Learn as many of the basics as you can, and progress from there. Never stop learning!

This interview is part of a series of interviews with Logicworks employees. If you’re interested in applying to Logicworks, visit our Jobs page or email us at jcowle@logicworks.net.

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