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10 Questions with a Cloud Compliance Manager

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Meet Dalton Stickney, our Cloud Compliance Manager on the Security team!

What is your favorite thing about Logicworks and why?

The people. I know it’s a generic answer, but Logicworks really has a fun and interesting group of employees. My second favorite thing is the work-life balance. The company is very amenable to whatever the employees need to do. Whether you have kids, family, or school, Logicworks makes adjustments so that you can be successful in your personal life as well as professionally.

What is your role at Logicworks and what are your responsibilities?

I’m responsible for managing our internal compliance program as well as providing subject matter expertise for our clients. I also help manage our vulnerability management, incident response, and business continuity programs.

What’s a typical day like? How has this changed during your time at Logicworks?

No day is typical for me; my day-to-day changes depending on the time of the year. The biggest part of my role is managing internal compliance. I spend about six months preparing for and dealing with internal compliance for our audit.

I work directly with our CISO, Matt Sharp, and have internal meetings with different departments to talk through elements of our security program. Matt and I also have recurring management meetings with key security vendors, such as TrendMicro or Threat Stack, to make sure everything is running smoothly, address issues, and identify new ways to advance the program.

The other part of my job depends on the time of the year. I support many different departments in the company. I work with Sales as a subject matter expert for customer needs surrounding security and compliance. I also try to spend at least an hour each day learning something new.

What part about your role is the most exciting?

Right now, the best part of my job is that our InfoSec department is a small team, so we’re able to define all of our projects. I enjoy being a part of decision making and the creation process. I really enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to our security program, learn new things, and develop professionally.

Did you ever think you would be in the technology industry growing up? How did you get into the Cloud industry?

When I was a kid, there wasn’t much technology – no internet or any of that. I moved to New York in the late 90’s at the beginning of the internet boom. It was totally accidental that I ended up in the field. It happened to be where the jobs were at the time.

I started at Logicworks 16 years ago in 2003. I was a part of the company when we went from DSL lines and physical servers for internet connectivity to VMware based cloud environments. Finally, Logicworks expanded to offer services in AWS and Azure about 8 years ago.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a professional Thai boxer and a BMX freestyle rider.

Are you working on any cool projects right now?

The InfoSec team has been working on Quantitative Risk Management. There are two types of risk management for a company. The most common type is qualitative meaning high, medium, and low, and it’s anecdotal. There are different ways of doing this type of risk management where you would use math and data to make predictions based on certain types of formulas. It’s quite interesting, and I’ve taken a few classes on the topic.

What are you currently watching on Netflix/Hulu/Prime?

Ju on: Origins and SKAM Italia. I also watch a lot of bad horror movies.

Where is your favorite travel destination and why?

The coolest place we traveled to would be Egypt to go see the pyramids. It was an amazing experience, and the city itself was incredible. We were able to stay in a hotel right on the Nile and took a boat cruise. Cairo was a really exciting city to visit. It’s completely overwhelming in the sense that it’s nothing like New York or Los Angeles. It looks more like big cities that you only see in the movies.

Edinburgh was interesting to visit because the city looks like a scene out of Harry Potter. It’s only a four hour train ride from London, and the mountain views from the train are incredible

What are you passionate about outside of work?
I’m passionate about my family, traveling and martial arts.

Advice for anyone looking to join the cloud computing industry?
The cloud industry is so broad, and there are so many roles and different things to do. My best advice would be to expose yourself to as many different parts of the cloud as possible and focus on which interests you the most.

This interview is part of a series of interviews with Logicworks employees. If you’re interested in applying to Logicworks, visit our Jobs page or email us at jcowle@logicworks.net.

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