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[Video] How to Architect a Standard 3-Tier App on Microsoft Azure

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Kickstart your Azure migration with this practical, step-by-step tutorial and learn how experienced Azure engineers design networks and other cloud services.

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to establish a hub-spoke network topology, design subnets and network access, send logs/metrics to Azure-native services, and connect your database to your application tier.

What’s in the Tutorial

  1. The #1 architecture template we use for 90% of Azure designs
  2. Why a hub-spoke architecture design helps you with compliance and separation of concerns
  3. How to deploy a Bastion in a “shared services” network
  4. How to gain access from your on-premises datacenter to Azure
  5. Sending logs/metrics to Azure Monitor
  6. Connecting your resources to Azure SQL
  7. …and much more

About the Presenter

James is a Senior Platform Engineer, Azure at Logicworks. He is responsible developing new tooling, customer facing services, and IaaS/PaaS services. James is certified in “Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions” and holds an additional five AWS and two VMware certifications.

Logicworks is an Azure Expert MSP and Gold Partner that helps companies design, build, and manage custom Azure infrastructure. To learn more about Logicworks, visit our website or contact us.

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