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Logicworks Announces Support For AWS Guard Duty

New York, NY (November 30, 2017) — Logicworks, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network and a member of the AWS Managed Services Program, today announced support of AWS Guard Duty, a new machine learning-based security service released today at AWS Re:Invent 2017. Logicworks is one of a select group of official Launch Partners of AWS Guard Duty, and has integrated the service into its cloud management platform that provides automated security, cost, and performance capabilities to its customers.

AWS Guard Duty is a security service capable of detecting suspicious traffic and API activity in customers’ AWS environments. It uses the power of machine learning to detect anomalous behavior and alert customers for certain classes of potentially malicious activity.

“At Re:Invent this year, AWS has exceeded expectations in delivering powerful, innovative new services and tools, particularly in the machine learning and analytics space,” says Matthew Sharp, Chief Information Security Officer at Logicworks. “AWS Guard Duty leverages the power of machine learning to help AWS customers build more intelligent, secure systems, and is yet another example of their continuous innovation in cloud security.”

Customers that work with Logicworks will get access to AWS Guard Duty automatically through its cloud management platform, which will centralize data from AWS Guard Duty and allow customers to easily control how notifications will be distributed. Logicworks’ AWS Certified Engineers will also receive these notifications and respond immediately 24×7 to protect customer environments.

“When customers work with Logicworks, their environments are immediately integrated with our management platform, which incorporates dozens of AWS-native and 3rd party security services, including AWS Guard Duty, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Config, Inspector, EC2 Systems Manager, and more,” says Sharp. “Our engineers do the hard work of vetting and integrating these services — and keeping up with the pace of new cloud product releases — so that our customers can immediately benefit from the latest innovations.”

To learn more AWS Guard Duty and how Logicworks supports the new offering, please come by the Logicworks booth at Re:Invent (Booth #810), call 212-625-5300 or visit www.logicworks.com.